Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hats to die for

It's too late* to post anything interesting, so instead I'll share these beautiful hats.
I saw Beth at VaG and her work is just stunning. Of all the modern milliners I've seen, these hats are the most like the works of art created in days gone by.
If I had the cash, I'd buy one today. I may buy one tomorrow anyway.

I've dreamt about this hat
Beth’s Millinery is characterised by a keen attention to detail. Equally at home working in felt, straw or fabric, she is interested in the traditional processes of the craft, and incorporates both period styling and reference into her own designs. Her work is elegant, and refined, with more than a nod to the hats of a by-gone era.

Tomorrow I'll try to catalogue my various sewing projects. I have so many on the go that I can't keep track of them all myself!

*I blame 'Sex and the City - the movie' for this

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